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What is Rick's Place?
A not-for-profit, charitable organization serving at-risk marketing communications, creative, and graphics professionals.

Why was it created?
In our industry, where participation in charitable giving is an everyday occurrence, we recognized that need and risk can also strike those within our own fields.

Who does Rick's Place benefit?
Members of our fields who are threatened or at risk, and have no access to other resources that would help resolve their professional difficulties.

What specific services has Rick's Place provided to date? 

  • Provided emergency financial assistance to at-risk individuals and their families.
  • Created a professional educational resource, providing low-cost seminars, mentoring programs, and technology assistance.
  • Aided professionals in need with numerous networking and business referral opportunities and counsel.
  • Organized a high-visibility, annual fundraising event that synthesizes and showcases the remarkable talents of our diverse fields. 
  • Opened a door of hope, and a way for professionals in need to find active and productive alternatives.

What additional services will be provided, and when?
Rick's Place will be a flexible resource center providing assistance to meet specific need situations. Rick's Place is an open door, with the ability to provide:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Technology and Computer Training
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Education Seminars and Programs
  • Career and Placement Counseling
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Retirement Planning/Financial Counseling
  • Continuing Education/Scholarship Programs
  • Care and Understanding

How are the services distributed?

Rick's Place is a component fund of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Applicants for assistance can find out more about Rick's Place programs, or request assistance by:

  • Contacting any member of the Rick's Place Board of Directors via telephone, fax, mail, or email
  • Filling out an Assitance Request Form.
  • Contacting the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation via telephone, fax, mail, or the World Wide Web:
    The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
    1055 Broadway, Suite 130
    Kansas City, MO 64105-8029
    Tel: (816) 842-0944 Fax: (816) 842-8029
  • Filing a formal application with a board member or the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

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