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About Stan

Stan Rood is a talent.
Stan Rood is an art director. A very good one. He's won numerous awards and high praise for his work at Valentine-Radford, Fromm Advertising, Bernstein-Rein, and as an owner of Triad Productions and Daniel Richter Rood. Stan Rood is a musician. A very good one. As a singer and guitarist for the popular blue grass band, Blue Stem, he lived his dream of entertaining with the music he loves.

Stan Rood is a friend.
If you know Stan, you understand what "friend" truly means. He's always had a great work ethic to match his talents. More importantly, he has a genuine warmth and sense of humor. If you've been part of his life, you're thankful. And if you're meeting him for the first time, he treats you like you've always been part of his life.

Stand Rood has MS.
Multiple sclerosis is an infuriating disease. It's relentless, stealing little bits of you at a time. Stan, unfortunately, deals with the worst kind of MS. Over the course of the past few years, MS has taken away his ability to perform his beloved music. Worse, it's taken away his ability to work at his craft. His muscles slowly but surely continue to deteriorate. Currently, he has effectively lost the use of his left arm and leg. Now, he receives federal disability payments, but they're woefully inadequate to sustain an adequate quality of life. And any new experimental drugs that might be available to him are horribly expensive.

Stan Rood needs our help.
As friends of Stan Rood, we're trying to make things a little better for him and his family. While we can't do anything for his physical condition, we certainly can do something for his financial condition. That's why we're attempting to raise money to help him cover his monthly necessities, perhaps even his medication. Will you help?

About MS.

Multiple Sclerosis is thought to be an autoimmune disease that affects the fatty tissue ­ called myelin – in the central nervous system. With MS, myelin is lost in multiple areas, leaving scar tissue called sclerosis. When myelin or the nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain is disrupted, causing a variety of problems in different people: abnormal fatigue, severe vision problems, loss of balance and muscle coordination, slurred speech, tremors, stiffness, and bladder problems.

About how you can help.

We're asking that you consider a financial donation. By making your check out to Rick's Place, the amount is tax deductible. On the "memo" line, simply write "Stan Rood Fund."

A one-time donation would be great. But, if you feel you can donate an amount annually, even monthly, that would be even better. Regardless, the friends of Stan appreciate whatever you can do.

Send all donations to:
Friends of Stan Rood Fund
5244 Foster
Overland Park, KS 66202

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