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Throughout the past few years, Rick's Place has offered the following continuing education seminars:

  • “Is it Time To Be A Freelancer?!?” with a panel of current and past freelancers discussing health insurance, financial situations, lessons learned, and the general ups and downs of going it on your own.
  • “So You Got Downsized?” for tips and advice from a search firm professional about interviewing skills and a former ad agency comptroller who is now on her own and handling accounting for other freelancers.
  • “Everything You Wanted To Know About Taxes But Were Afraid To Ask” led by an accountant, a representative from the IRS, and a sales tax expert. Get the scoop on such issues as self-employment taxes, sole proprietorship vs. partnership vs. corporation, getting a Federal ID number, equipment depreciation, record-keeping, paying employees vs. independent contractors, and the dreaded what to do if you’re audited.
  • “Business Trends” featuring a panel of key management people in the advertising community discuss where the industry is heading.
  • “How To Sell Yourself” covering how to price yourself, how to sell your work, showing your book, and other presentation skills (such as presenting creative to clients), and how to protect yourself so your work doesn’t get used without permission.

  • “Web 101” to learn how it works, how to make it look good, and how to sell it. In other words, the ins and outs of Web site development.

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